Destiny - Martha Gottfried


A Strong Black Woman

For Mother,

By Johnny Bodley


The start of her day always meant a chopping hoe or a cotton sack. 

Minutes into her day blistered hands aching back.  

And further on up her row, weary knees disfiguring frown,

and though her feet hurt mighty bad she was not allowed to sit down.

A true provider even a mammy to the master's young'uns.

A savior to many, a strong God fearing black woman.

A few bounded years later the freedom came and though

she's been a mother now twenty years, girl is still her name,

because for former slaves nothing really changed.

Met a fine buck who thought she was nice, and after one thousand

cotton fields later he popped the question "Will you be my wife?"

So over the broom jumped two weary but happy souls.

A blushing bride now, but deep within she wonders how.

The turn of the century promised good times for all,

but when things were looking up she lost her big buck Joe in a

juke joint brawl. Her wrinkled face shows signs of hard times, but

her constant proud smile says now I'm doing just fine.

"Ten acres I now own!" She boasts proudly, and on a feel good day this

 she tells the world quite loudly. She has aged gracefully

as she sits beneath her old sister oak tree.

A woman who has persevered, a woman who is now,

henceforth and forever grateful, still fine, and forever free!


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