The Sociology of a Black Woman (pt.1)

By Regina Rivers



They constantly attempt to construct who we are,

but itís through a negative light.  What I call

self defense, they call belligerent and quick to fight.

If we hold our heads upright with confidence and positive

 idiosyncrasy, We are perceived as haughty

and we behave selfishly.


Iím neither above nor below anyone here,

but in myself I do take sufficient pride.

I refuse to besmirch my character for their sake,
and have them make big profits on the side. 

My place in society Iím taught by force
and this we all know well.

Everyone else has the freedom to do as they please,
but when a black woman does her own thing, all are quick

to run and tell. This country we live in is anything but just!

Reasserting who we really are is a

mandatory must!


Things people say about us as a whole they swear

they know up and down.They make reference to these

crazy stereotypes and use them to keep us down.

Some have said that weíre not able to learn
and are destined to suffer defeat.
They yield the audacity to degrade our

potential, and think they have us beat.


From our voluptuous appearance they perceive us good for

one thing, but we are good for many. Sexual activity is not my

game, so no thank you little boy, I donít want to get ďget friendly.Ē

We have accomplished and done so many things, but

they have stolen it all.


Had it not been for Big Mama Thornton,

Elvis would have no hound dog to back talk at all. We work

so hard, yet we do too much. However, if we put forth no effort,

they assumed that weíd give up. Do you know what it is

exactly that they donít like about you or me?

Itís our faith, strength, self-assurance, and our natural ability.
The ability that we have to succeed they canít bear to accept.
We are incessantly treated as if we are inept. I know who

I am and you know who you are. Not one person can

take that away. Their views of how they feel  we should

be do nothing but from our goals stray us away.


Making sure that we fail is their plan

and this will be attempted through many forces.

Contrary to what goes through their heads,
we can not give into them and give up

There are no alternatives choices.


We are not sexual property, nor are we weak!
A new plan is now in immediate affect:

Recognize the beautiful, intelligent and gifted black woman!
We deserve nothing less than RESPECT!!!


The Sociology of a Black Woman, reprinted from the

March/April 2007 issue of the Fahari-Libertad Magazine


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