By Kayvene McJannett





Poem by Veronica Blakely

Arthur of

"I Want What Most White Women Got: A Black Man"


Sistahsí are P-H-A-T phat and fine
With shapes and figures oh so divine
They wear their weight quite well
Some are thick and some are chunky
Or maybe even a little bumpy
They still look good as others can tell.

When it comes to selection
Of a mate for affection
Brothasí donít seem to know where itís at.
Instead of a plump African Queen
When he shows up on the scene
With other races of women who are F-A-T fat.

Now whatís the difference in their size?
Other than the color of hair, skin and eyes
They are all practically the same.
But for some reason or another
Brothasí would rather choose other
Races of women who have practically the same frame.

Some Sistahsí are wide and curvy
Oh but donít you worry
They still know how to please a man.
They can cook and they can clean
Along with everything in between
If Brothas would include them in their plans.

 So Brotha donít ask a Sistah to lose weight
Unless you would rather negate
Your ability to choose and be wise.
A Sistahs character and personality
Should stand for something unilaterally
Rather than you worrying about her size.


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