Ivory Dress - By Kayvene


Name Calling

By Natisha R. Williams


They said your mouth would get you in trouble,

And it did,

But not the kind they suspected,

Because that trouble you rejected,

Although you were subjected,



And dejected,

They said you were smart,

But too silly,

And they were right,

Because you are so smart itís silly,

They told you,

You were annoying,

And you are,

Cause your stories,

Are annoying the masses,

About the truth,

Of these lower classes.

They called you fat,

And you are,

Cause you over indulge in knowledge,

And never exercise,

Your right to close your eyes,

They called you black,

And you are,

No blues,

No regrets,

No excuses.


Natisha R. Williams

© Copyright


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