Flowers of Africa



Black Woman of The Universe
By Jacqueline Amos

I am the Black Women of the Universe
I come in many colors and shades
I am the incubator
of all Gods Creations
And who stands by me is my King
I felt the pain of Civilization
I sing no victim song
I sing of Rebirth
I know where my voice belong
I am the blackberry wine
un-cut. Sweet as the nectar
That comes from the vine.
Which the blood of my ancestors
Run through my vain
hold the key to mans legacy
As his History is written within me.
I am the eyes that he may see
I am the steps that he may lead
I am the laughter when they are tears
I am the bridge that he must cross
I am the incubator of his seeds
I am the breast that he may lean
I am the beauty
I am the Universal Nubian Queen
One God, One Love, One Peace


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~ 2006 ~

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