Portrait by Rosalind Mc Gary







 Poem by Vernon J. Davis Jr.

Author of  " Love Is The Beautiful Black Woman"

(Inspired by Pearl Jr.)




My name is ABSENTIA

but, I'm not absent.


 However, no one seems


 to see or hear me.


But I'm everywhere.


But, to you all


 I'm nowhere.


 A nothing woman


satisfying your perverted dreams.


When you need me,


then you see me.


But only with your polluted vision of 

My Eternal Black Beauty,

exploited for your lustful

gain of pleasure,

your manipulative pursuit of

My Greatness,

which you are afraid of.

My name is ABESENTIA

but, I'm not absent.

You will see Me,

but,  properly.

And you will definitely hear me


My name is ABSENTIA


I am not!...





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