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Portrait by Karl Bang



Thank you for visiting! This is a very small dedication to the beautiful and magnificent black women of the world. And yet while I refuse to uphold that downtrodden black female 'mantra', It is still within my opinion that black women have been underappreciated among themselves, and by global society in general. This is due partly to adverse racial history, damaging media and overall negative stereotypes. This website is my small and humble way of highlighting our beauty, desirability, intellect and our various talents. All while giving a tribute to our history, present and our positive future.


This website has been undergoing various changes, and recently been placed somewhat under-construction in some sections. Please check back periodically while helping it grow. This website will also be undergoing future design changes for better online interaction. Please let me know you were here and sign my guestbook. Thank you again..


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~ Tribute to Black Women 2006 ~ 2017

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